recently, I started following the tumblr geometry daily. The artist uses an actual photograph of paper as a background and then layers “soft grunge” filters over the placed vectors to give it the irregularities you might find in an actual silkscreen print. it’s so inspiring…

glitches + gifs + tumblr cats

Before the holidays, I saw Phillip Stearns‘s both interesting and beautiful Gitch textiles at 3rd ward’s holiday craft show and I considered the idea of a glitch accessory. Most of the fashion happening that is incorporating the new aesthetic seems to be doing so with digital prints. Like photoshop burger-pizza clothes or my favorite, clothes with cats on them.

one of the more creative uses of digital printing is the bacon scarf.

These clothes almost become internet memes by themselves and contribute to what I like to call ‘tumblr style’. Wowch makes some cute cat & dog face leggings but what if you had some leggings with famous meme cats on the crotch? I’ve been meaning to get some transfer paper so i can make a pair with colonel meow or bubs.